*Neuramis: a supreme and monophasic, crosslinked filler for soft tissues
Made in South Korea
No allergies
You will not need to suffer due to the fact that the preparation does not contain lidocaine. No stress, just a comfortable procedure.
A rejuvenating procedure
The subcutaneous tissues will be thoroughly hydrated. Your cells will start to rejuvenate naturally
Ultimate aesthetic solution
Neuramis is a brilliantly versatile and well-tolerated, providing long lasting results product which is perfect to use to address any 'wonkiness'
*Neuramis is a range of dermal fillers that aims
to amend facial wrinkling
Improved performance
Stunning volumizing, gentle extrusion force, amazing effect
Enhanced safety
No lidocaine for more safety during the procedure
Reasonable choice
An opportunity to customize the treatment for every client individually
*Neuramis the unique set of ingredients
The unique HA-based formula enables the skin to remain superbly moisturized and stimulates the cells of the integument to regenerate and increase the production
*Neuramis the density of the preparation
Uniform density - the substance has a uniform density and distributes itself evenly due to the basis of the composition (hyaluronic molecules of an identical size). There should be no inflammation after the treatment
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